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Be Log

Be Longing  is a series that documents standing dead trees found in Wurundjeri country.

The trees can stand for decades, decaying quietly, and slowly, while leaching a gradual and steady release of nutrients back into the forestry understory. Housing ecological islands of otherness.
This idea of a dead thing sustaining life has become a metaphor within the work itself. It is an ode to the things that are no longer with us but still exist as a continuous source of strength and comfort. How people, places, and experiences from the past inform who we are and what we become.


Be Log series Exhibited @ Docklands library window display 

mrehorek(42of76) (1).jpg

Be Log Exhibited @ Le Space 

mrehorek(52of76) (1).jpg

Be Log Exhibited @ Le Space 

Be Log video poem exhibited @ Le Space 

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