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Earth, Body and Soul

Earth, Body, and Soul is a series of collaborations with dear friends and family. 

Here nature acts as both the content and context. In this series, characters inhabit the landscape wearing sculptures they created in collaboration with the artist. The spaces in these works exist in are undeniably interwoven within the work itself. Spaces shapeshift us, tell stories and unfold histories 

This series is presented in both public and private spaces. All iterations of this series are intended to shine a light on the internal and external world. Here the intrinsic and extrinsic exist as one.  

_AC_1774 (1).jpg

Earth , Body and Soul installed @ Carlton Library Light Boxes 


'Flowering Resilience exhibited @ Abbostford Convent for an International Women's Day show.  


Pasted up @ Kororoit Creek


Exhibited @ Compendium Gallery 

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