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Behind The Veil 

Behind the Veil is an installation piece that speaks to the veiling of women's bodies. The piece is about freedom and resilience rather than rebellion. 

Growing up, the women in my life wore chunni's which are traditional Indian scarves. One could say they veiled their bodies to create a wall between their personal and public lives. I have always felt a warm nostalgia for the silky materiality of these pieces of clothing. 

In the installation, a photographic silk print of me and a dear friend can be found amongst natural motifs. We are the daughters of women who veiled their bodies.


The piece comes alive when it is hung up. Whether that be in a creek or a shipping container @ Testing Grounds. The work showcases how expressive the body can be when it is controlled, defined, and limited

''Behind the veil' installed _ Testing Grounds , 2021...JPG

 'Behind The Veil' , Installed at Testing Grounds, 2021


 'Behind The Veil' , Installed at Testing Grounds, 2021


 'Behind The Veil' , Installed at Testing Grounds, 2021

 'Behind The Veil' , Installed at Kororoit Creek, 2020

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